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What We Specialize In

Often people ask us "What kind of cars do you specialize in?" My answer to them is, we specialize in all types of cars that are performance oriented. Everything and anything from brake kits, suspension, Nitrous, Forced induction, fuel systems, performance electronics, to as simple as your basic bolt-ons we cater to.

Wheels and Tires

RCT Performance now offers installation of tires to wheels utilizing state of the art machines in the industry today.

With the use of the Hunter TC3700 tire mount and dismount machine, you can rest assure that your custom wheels are being treated with the most caution and care. The TC3700 utilizes hardened plastic parts that contact the wheel surface, with that mentioned you do not have to worry about any scratches or gouges that may occur during the mounting and dismounting process. Due to the characteristics of this machine and the highly trained staff of RCT, no wheel is too big or too wide for us.

RCT also offers "Road Force and Lateral Force" balancing utilizing the state of the art Hunter GSP9700. This balancer is not your typical balancer you may see at your local tire shop. With the Hunter GSP9700 we are able to eliminate any type of vibration that may occur regarding wheels and tires. Vibration and pull may not always be corrected through your typical "static and coupler" balancing. This is where the Hunter GSP9700 comes into play. With this machine we are able to correct vibration and pull by finding out if the tire or wheel or even both may not be a good match due to high spots, out of roundness, etc. The GSP9700 will then allow us to ''Force Match" a wheel and tire combo to achieve the best match tire and wheel combo. The result, a vibration and drag free wheel set up. This is one of the many features this machine is capable of doing. To find out more info regarding the capabilities of this machine, pls check out www.gsp9700.com

Other Wheels & Tires Services

Other Wheels & Tires Services

  • Custom Wheels 1pc-3pc

  • Street Tires

  • Competition Tires

  • Lugnuts

  • Wheel Spaces

  • Wheel Tire / Combos